EMMA AKA Spiritual Queen - the UK's leading Law of Attraction expert

Emma has been featured in numerous news shows, magazines, radio interviews, and national publications.

This includes ITV’s This Morning, Soul & Spirit Magazine, Women’s Health, BBC, Radio 2, Metro, Daily Mail, and more.

As seen in:
Lookfantastic Magazine

Emma was featured in the March 2022 (Issues 6) Of ‘The Highlight’ by beauty brand Lookfantastic. In this article Emma shares the power of manifestation and how this can help us manifest better skin.

Spirit & Destiny Magazine

Emma’s book Positively Wealthy has been featured in the January 2022 edition, in a 4-page cover article where Emma shares her top tips and tools on how to manifest a Positively Wealthy life in 2022! 

Planet Mindful magazine

Emma has been featured in a 6-page cover article sharing her Law of Attraction tips and tools and the science behind it in the Sept/Oct 2021 (Issue 19) of Planet Mindful Magazine.

Breathe magazine

Emma has been featured as a guest expert in Issue 40 of Breathe Magazine (July 2021). Sharing her top tips and tools on manifestation and the Law of Attraction.

Spirit & Destiny Magazine

Emma’s new book Positively Wealthy was featured as the book of the month in the June 2020 edition of Spirit & Destiny magazine. 

The sun newspaper
Emma was featured on the Sun Newspaper’s website on the 24th January 2020 in regards to her mindful money tips and her new book Positively Wealthy.
Natural Health Magazine

Emma was featured in the July 2020 edition of Natural Health Magazine, where Emma shared how to work with the Law of Attraction and her top manifestation tips with readers.

BBC Radio London

Emma was interviewed by BBC Radio London in November 2019. Where she was interviewed by Claira about all things manifesting and life coaching live on air.

The sun Savers Show

Emma was interviewed on the 9th January 2020 by The Sun Savers about her new book ‘Positively Wealthy’ and her positive mindset tips on money.

Kindred Spirit Magazine
Emma was featured in the September/October 2019 edition of Kindred Spirit Magazine. Where she was awarded with the ‘MBS Blogger/Podcaster’ of the year!
Emma Mumford Kindred Spirit Magazine
Kindred Spirit Magazine
Emma was featured in the March/April 2019 edition of Kindred Spirit Magazine. Where she shared her top tips for spring cleaning your energy and how to manifest using the Spring energy.
Spirit and Destiny Magazine

Emma was featured in the ‘Rising Star’ feature of the magazine (March 2019) with an article about manifesting, how she started her businesses and promoting her new book Spiritual Queen.

soul & spirit Magazine
Emma was featured once again in the magazine (January 2019) with a four-page spread about how to use affirmation cards and how to utilize the law of attraction in 2019.
Blogosphere Magazine
Emma was the lifestyle editor for Blogosphere magazine for July-October 2017. Emma shared her favourite blogs and wrote numerous articles sharing her top blogging and social media advice.
Hay House Radio
Emma has appeared on Yasmin Boland’s Weekly Astrology show being interviewed about the Law of Attraction and Spirituality.
Soul & Spirit Magazine
Emma speaks to Soul & Spirit magazine exclusively about how she found her purpose in life and how you too can find your unique calling in life featured in June’s 2018 edition.

Other Appearances

Emma has also appeared on ITV’s This Morning numerous times presenting her own money-saving slot when she was formally known as the UK’s Coupon Queen. Emma has also been featured on the BBC, Radio 2, Metro, Daily Mail, The Telegraph, The Sun, Talk Radio, Fabulous Magazine, Huffington Post, The Lady Magazine, Daily Express and the ITV News all regarding money-saving and Blogging.

Awards & Certifications

“Emma Mumford is devoted to leading, inspiring, and encouraging women to step into who they truly are.”
Rebecca Campbell
best selling hay house author

“Emma Mumford has amazing energy – she’ll go far!”

hay house author / astrologer

“Emma Mumford raises positive vibrations of anyone who reads or follows her. We’re proud to have her as part of the Soul & Spirit Family.”

Soul & Spirit Magazine
Soul & spirit
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